• Food

    Fluffy pancakes for a bad mood

    I woke up this morning so sad without any reason, that my first thought was just to roll on the other side and sleep on. I haven’t had that feeling in a very long…

    19 lutego 2020

    My picks in blue for Blue Monday

    Dark blue is my favourite colour. I can’t go wrong with it and I can’t feel bad while wearing it. It is my go-to colour on a bad and a good day. If I…

    20 stycznia 2020
  • Diary

    Moving on and moving out

    I have realised that in the last 6 years there is always something big happening. It seems, that since I turned 25 my life got really interesting. The new year has just started and…

    14 stycznia 2020
  • Diary

    20th of December – Christmas Mood Board

    Already in November, I was looking for Christmas inspirations. Trees, wreaths, presents, cups, lights, biscuits almost everything that sets the mood. This season can’t start too early for me. I think it is also…

    20 grudnia 2019
  • Diary

    19th of December – Gift Wrapping Ideas

    I like simple and classy packaging. Nice paper and a ribbon on a package. For many years now the brown paper has been very popular with a natural string or a ribbon. I still…

    19 grudnia 2019
  • Diary

    18th of December – Little Holiday Rush

    Today was a busy day. We started with the visit at the hairdresser with Theo and then we had a Christmas lunch with a friend. We came back home and Theo almost immediately fell…

    18 grudnia 2019