11th of December – Christmas decorations from IKEA

11 grudnia 2019

I like IKEA a lot. I have always considered going there more as an attraction than real shopping. Although a few visits, when we were looking for big furniture ended with a little headache. But mostly I would go there on a gloomy or rainy weekday when you can only meet there mums, a couple of teenagers and maybe an elderly lady. It is just a fun way to spend your time. You walk a lot (if you are counting your steps this for sure counts as an advantage). You can find something small and pretty and not expensive that will make you feel nice like candles, napkins or a cup. You can take your toddler there and know that if you stop at the kids’ section, he will be happy to explore. Finally, you can have a snack there and look at pretty things, which makes it a really nice way to spend a rainy day at IKEA. Although don’t go there on a rainy Saturday. Recently I would advice don’t go anywhere on Saturday or Sunday if it is not a lonely hut in the wilderness. I missed the moment to acknowledge how many people is too many for me. Lately, it doesn’t take a lot. I try my best to avoid crowds, so going shopping on Saturday is always a no go. It is not like I didn’t try. I made a few exceptions during the past few months, but I regret all of them.

I hope to make it there this week and buy the gingerbread house. And because I am going there anyway I thought about combining all of my favourite decorations in a little IKEA Christmas guide. A few of these things I have and a couple of them I am tempted to buy. I think I will get that red lantern for sure because we are definitely missing some holiday vibe in our hall.

1. Wreaths

I think for the first time I kind of like an artificial decoration of something, that pretends to be nature. I wouldn’t put it on a table, but both of these wreaths would look really pretty hanging on the door or in the window.

2. Christmas tree decorations

Red and white on green branches with a little bit of wood. I like this colour theme already a few years in a row and this love doesn’t seem to fade away. Especially I like the red hearts made out of glass. I think they look very stylish and a little bit like lollipops missing their sticks.

3. Light up your world

All of the light decorations you will find under the name STRÅLA. The big circle in the window is a big hit this season. It is popular not only on Instagram but also within my family we are big fans. It is such a simple and beautiful idea. I am also pretty much in love with the little red house in a white forest in the glass. And I found two lamps that pretend to be classical candle holders with simple white candles, that are actually led decorations. And of course my favourite red lantern. My must buy along with the gingerbread house. Two weeks can be a lot, but it can also past very quickly. I hope I will be able to enjoy this preparation time before Christmas as much as possible (you hear me cold? go away!: )

4. IKEA search

I made a print screen of my search on the Swiss IKEA website to make it easier for you to find the products in your local IKEA.


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