12th of December – My 5 wishes for this Christmas

12 grudnia 2019

1. For one day to feel no worries.

When we grow up ad become adults, no one really prepares us that no Christmas will feel again like the ones from your childhood. We carry our daily burdens all the time. And it feels impossible to just let go even for one day. We become spouses and parents. Our responsibilities only grow. And we think all the time if all the bills are paid, if we haven’t forgotten anything for our child, did we write back to everyone and the list goes on and on. My wish is for one Christmas day to become completely happy. Have a light head and a happy heart. Be able to enjoy food and presents, winter walks and family time. Just be.

2. Health for the loved ones

It is one of these things, that we can’t buy, or make or work hard for. You have it, you are thankful for it. You don’t and it becomes your biggest wish. Besides a little cold, I am quite good, but there are so many people that I am so grateful that, they are healthy and I would love it to stay that way. But not all of my friends and family are so lucky. If I could give them anything and I would have that power I would pack that health in the prettiest box in the world and give it to all my loved ones.

3. A little bit of fun

I love to be a mum and wife and I really enjoy my life in Switzerland, staying at home and making our family life nice and cosy. But sometimes I feel like I should really plan in that new year at least once a week at least one hour of something fun. Just for me. And I don’t mean a massage or shopping. I mean finding people to have good laugh with and do things that are interesting and different from everything that I do every day. For this one hour per week to feel like a teenage girl that wants to explore the world and is free to do whatever comes to her mind.

4. Making faster decisions

I am quite good when it comes to big things. Major life decisions are usually no problem for me. I know if I want to marry a guy, move to that apartment or go for a job. But these small decisions. Should I keep these shoes or send them back? What do I really want to eat for supper? These daily little decisions in front of a fridge at the grocery store. I can get really stressed if I can’t make up mind. And it gets even more stressy if someone is getting annoyed with you being so slow in these decisions. It would make my life so chilled and more peaceful if I could make faster decisions. Sometimes I hack the system just to avoid that problem and I go for the same things. To eat, to wear, to drink, to go for. But this way I cut myself off all the new opportunities. So this is my wish number four.

5. More kindness in the world

We need it a lot. In real life when we shop, drive on the streets or queue in the bank. In social media when we comment, write private messages or express our opinions. It is still missing in so many places and in so many forms. People get very easily outraged with others’ opinions and then they attack, believing that their opinions are the right ones. I would love to see more kindness when people write to each other, talk, interact. Live and let live. And be nice.

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