17th of December – 5 things to do because it is Christmas

17 grudnia 2019

Christmas and the end of the old year is a good chance to do a few things that you might need a little push to do or a good excuse. It is the time when we can casually meet old friends for mulled wine and when we think about the passing year. We try to tidy up and organise things. We give and share a little bit more. So here is my list of 5 things to do because it is Christmas.

1. Call an old friend

You could do that any other time of the year, but nowadays we live in different cities and countries and maybe meeting for a coffee wouldn’t be an option during the year. Good thing is that we tend to come back home for Christmas and with all the decoration and holiday atmosphere it is a perfect occasion to meet and catch up on all of these months and sometimes even years.

2. Go through your wardrobe

If changing of seasons didn’t encourage you to tidy up and organise your clothes then maybe the Christmas cleaning madness will. Especially that it is very much in the thought of season to share with less fortunate. So if you will find good looking clothes that don’t fit you or you don’t wear them because of some other reasons you can donate them. We have a few Caritas spots in our city, that run a second hand, so they resell the clothes and the money goes to a good cause. For sure you can find something similar in your city and share some of your clothes.

3. Have some quiet time on your own

Another year is coming to an end. It is a good time to ask yourself questions, that might give a feeling if you are going in the right direction in your life. Are you happy? Do you like the way your day to day life looks like? Are you satisfied with what you are doing professionally? Do people you spend your free time with make you happy and encourage you? Take a long walk, maybe a day trip to another city or go for a weekend on your own to the mountains. Try to listen to what your heart tries to tell you because you might be surprised how different your New Year’s resolutions should be from – go to the gym -lose weight and -save some money.

4. Go to church

Especially if you are a believer that is definitely the right time to visit the church again. Go with your family or on your own. Try to pray in your own words. Just treat it as a good talk with God. Let your mind wander a little bit while the sun shines through the colourful windows. Listen to the readings. Try to find maybe one sentence that speaks to you this Christmas. Don’t pressure yourself and don’t think you are not good enough. Go to church and give God a chance. And if you are not a believer try to go if it is important for your family. Maybe your grandma would be really happy if you would accompany her. I don’t want to force you to believe this Christmas. But like we open our minds on different workshops and lectures and we push ourselves doing fitness. Maybe it is worth a try just to go to church and be open to what this visit might give you.

5. Forgive

Forgiveness is a miraculous cure to headaches, bad moods and tense muscles. Ah! and it gives peace of heart. Pretty nice thing. Forgive small things and bigger ones. Wish people well. If you can give these relationships another go maybe it is worth it. And if not forgive and move on. Let go of that anger and bad emotions and change it into something positive. Life is too short to feel bad about things from the past, that we can’t change any more. You can still create a wonderful future and enjoy the present. Forgive.

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