18th of December – Little Holiday Rush

18 grudnia 2019

Today was a busy day. We started with the visit at the hairdresser with Theo and then we had a Christmas lunch with a friend. We came back home and Theo almost immediately fell asleep. I turned on some Christmas music and packed the last few presents and started preparing things for our trip. We are the ones who will drive home for Christmas singing with Chris Rea in the car. Already tomorrow evening we are leaving first to Germany to my parents in law for a pre-Christmas dinner and then on Saturday, we will continue our trip to Poland with a little stop overnight on the way. We want to enjoy travelling and that is why we planned it in a few days trip and not all at once. We could have made things stressy, but we chose to enjoy every part of this Christmas time. Wrapping the presents, packing the suitcase and even travelling.

I have realised that this year I haven’t seen a single Christmas film. I have watched a few episodes of the Norwegian series on Netflix Home for Christmas, but no film. I have been to our Christmas Market a couple of times but finally haven’t had a chance to take any proper photos. I baked the gingerbread cookies, but as a mum and family manager here I didn’t have time or any company to decorate them (btw. they are really tasty plain, so no big loss here). Theo is too small to do it with me and my husband has been working a lot lately. Probably like a lot of people in December. And still, while we were chilling on the sofa tonight I realised, that I am really blessed this year and not only I feel the Christmas spirit, but also I am on time with everything important and soon when we will be in the car driving home for Christmas I will really enjoy that time.

Funny thing. Every evening before bed we watch something. Two or three months ago we started watching Friends on Netflix and just recently I have read somewhere that, these series from January won’t be available on Netflix anymore. So it is not like we haven’t had a chance to see any films, we just chose Friends binge-watching. Which is quite relaxing, although Rachel can get so awkward and it stresses me every time. But these series seem to be our theme this December. We have two seasons to go and only 13 days until the end of the year, so we really have to speed things up here.

But even Friends can get very Christmasy if you drink chocolate milk under the blanket with your husband. The Christmas tree gives you a forest feeling in the apartment. Scented candles smell like holidays and I looked at that packed suitcase and the pile of Christmas presents to fit into our car along with the suitcases and the pram and I thought I am ready. Christmas you can come.

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