19th of December – Gift Wrapping Ideas

19 grudnia 2019

I like simple and classy packaging. Nice paper and a ribbon on a package. For many years now the brown paper has been very popular with a natural string or a ribbon. I still like that style a lot. In December I also like a lot traditional Christmas colours like red and green. This year most of the presents got red wrapping paper and red ribbon and I like the elegant look they got this way.

I have been enjoying a lot watching TOUS challenge on Instagram where different bloggers where showing how to pack their round boxes. It is a lot of fun. I also had a few presents that had an unusual shape to pack and my way to go is just to put these things into a square box. And then the difficult wrapping problem is solved. Bottles of wine go great in the wine bags and I find it quite charming if you can feel through the package that it is something soft inside. If you are not celebrating with Weasley family then you have no reason to fear that package (Harry Potter’s fans will understand).

I can officially tell you now, that I have packed all the presents. There is only one for my husband, waiting in Poland to be packed. Maybe I will share with you another packing idea and make it a very special wrapping for a very special man. We will see 🙂

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