1st of December – It’s the most wonderful time of the year

1 grudnia 2019

Hello December!

I am so happy that the most wonderful time of the year is finally here. I have been waiting for this whole year. It doesn’t mean, that I wasn’t enjoying the beautiful summer holidays or the pretty colours of the leaves in the autumn. It simply means that this time is my absolute favourite. And I might or might not have listened to some Christmas music in August. Well, you will never know. I like the waiting time a little tiny bit more than the holidays themselves. Because when Christmas is there it already mixes the happiness of celebrations with the sadness that it is all almost over and another year to go.

I always loved Christmas. I remember being in primary school and winning the contest for a person who knows the most carols by heart. I love the spirit, people being nice to each other, giving and receiving small gifts, the lights and decorations, baking and singing. The only thing that I might not like is the number of people in the shops, but hey! Thank you online shopping for solving crowd anxiety for us. I don’t mind Christmas decorations in the shops from 1st of November, mostly because the Halloween ones are truely not pretty at all, but also because there is even more time to slowly get into that atmosphere. And then yet again you are sitting there on 26th of November not having a single advent calendar bought or prepared, nor the advent wreath is there to count down all the Sundays. But I guess that’s just human nature. We love last-minute challenges.

It also comes to December being one of the busiest months of the year. There are projects to finish, budgets to plan and a lot of work to do. And we add to this all the gatherings with friends and family, Christmas parties and meetings at Christmas markets. Man, that’s a lot.

So at the beginning of this season, I just want to tell you, that although it all might seem very important, it is not. I remember advents that were too much for me. When I was crying in the car while listening to my favourite Christmas songs, that I don’t feel the Christmas spirit at all, although it was already in 5 days. I was overworked, still tried to bake and buy and clean and shop… And I ended up with an empty soul and eyes full of tears. You don’t want that. Actually nobody does. So choose wisely, say no to the things and meetings that don’t bring any joy for you or are simply too much. Buy something special for the loved ones. The rest will live with a box of chocolates. Trust me, it is the gesture that counts and we are not going to make everyone happy anyway. This way you have a chance to get the best out of this wonderful time. And that’s my wish for you this Christmas.

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