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Kwiecień 2019

  • Diary

    Easter Lagom

    This year for Easter we decided not to go to any of our parents and just stay at home. We live in a place in the world that visiting any of them is an…

    22 kwietnia 2019
  • Places

    Nothing for granted

    I have never shared these pictures. I thought they were so touristy. And yesterday immediately they became more valuable. Especially for me. We don’t know how long it will take to rebuild the cathedral…

    16 kwietnia 2019
  • Inspiration

    Glitter, confetti and unicorns

    photo Usually, I don‘t watch films during the week. Just an episode of favourite series to chill and then straight to bed. But this time when I saw the trailer of Unicorn Store I…

    12 kwietnia 2019
  • Miejsca

    Postcard from Warsaw

      Sometimes it is good to go away from your daily life. Even from ones that you love the most. Not for long. Just for a small break. It gives you the right attitude…

    9 kwietnia 2019
  • Myśli różne

    Guess who is back?

    And the answer is… Spring! Well I guess it is back, although it played a little trick on us yesterday, giving us snow and 2 degrees. But I am more like awww… snow! When…

    5 kwietnia 2019