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Wrzesień 2019

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    Little Portuguese Paradise

    After three weeks of travelling and exploring Portugal, we decided to treat ourselves at the end of our honeymoon. From Porto, we went back to Algarve hoping for some summer weather and last holiday…

    17 września 2019
  • Diary

    Do you feel too much? I do. All. The. Time.

    When I was a teenager, there were many moments when I didn’t understand myself and I was noticing how much I differ from my friends. I wouldn’t get why small things hurt me so…

    12 września 2019
  • Places

    I have seen the end of the world!

    Long-time ago people believed that there was the end of the World. They believed that where the sun sets is darkness and only monsters live there. And that‘s exactly where we went to in…

    8 września 2019
  • Places


    We had a tendency to arrive late at every destination in Portugal. Before we would pack and leave the previous place and then maybe stop on the way, it would be always long after…

    6 września 2019
  • Places

    Portuguese Athens – City of Évora

    When we were doing our research before going on our Portuguese holidays, we have seen many beautiful photos from the Algarve region, many vibrant photos from Porto and a lot of stunning beaches. What…

    4 września 2019
  • Diary

    September Plans

    After busy and beautiful summer with lots of travels, meetings and attractions it is time to sit down and decide what to do before Christmas comes and the only thing that will matter is…

    2 września 2019