20th of December – Christmas Mood Board

20 grudnia 2019

Already in November, I was looking for Christmas inspirations. Trees, wreaths, presents, cups, lights, biscuits almost everything that sets the mood. This season can’t start too early for me. I think it is also part of a strategy to really enjoy it. If you start early enough, you don’t get stressed a week before, that there are so many things to do. Christmas is almost here, and I wanted to put together my favourite inspirations for this season and maybe make it a little bit my checklist of things that I managed to do and really get inspired with.

Green fresh wreaths.

I really wanted to get one, but I was surprised how expensive they are. I would be tempted to buy one if not the fact that we are leaving for Christmas. We are already on our way and it would be a pity if it died when while we are away. Maybe it would be fun next year to find a place somewhere near me where I could make myself one. For some time I was even tempted to buy an artificial wreath, but every time I was so so close to buying one I just couldn’t. I guess I am not a plastic decoration fan.

Baking biscuits

We started the season with butter biscuits and a super easy recipe for them on the blog. And then I made them another two times because they were so good. And in the middle of December, we moved to gingerbread cookies. So baking this year definitely went well and I also was able to take really nice photos of the cookies. So I guess this one is checked.

Drinking cocoa with a view on a Christmas tree

I managed to sit and enjoy this time a lot. What didn’t work from the photo inspirations is drinking this tasty beverage from a festive cup. I looked in many places and somehow I didn’t fall in love with anything. I am hoping to have more moments like this during the Christmas time and maybe hunt down a perfect Christmas cup on sales.

Red and white decorations

It is my favourite theme when it comes to decorating for Christmas. Our tree has ornaments only in these two colours. A lot of presents are also packed in red paper with tiny white snowflakes finished with a red ribbon. Next year I would maybe buy a set of red covers for our bed.

Old-time favourite – brown wrapping paper

While packing in the red one yesterday I think I wasn’t appreciating enough how strong the brown paper is. It is very difficult to destroy the thin paper I bought. Brown one will take much more and there is this longlasting elegance and simplicity in it. When I look on Instagram at the photos with wrapped gifts still I like the most the ones with brown paper. I guess never let go of something that really works for you.

Gingerbread house

I have a dream to make one for a long time. This year I have even asked my husband to buy me one at IKEA to have my first try with a pre-prepared one, but then I got sick and then it got busy and I didn’t make it this year. I think it will be easier to make this dream come true when the kids are bigger and they will have with me. So latest in a few years, but maybe I will manage the next one. Let’s see.

Candy canes

I heard they taste minty, but I have never tried them. I wanted to make my own version of candy cane heart photo, but I think I only saw one very crowded place where they sold them in Zurich and I lost my motivation. So this year I enjoyed others’ photos.

Girly bow in my hair

I bought a very simple and pretty bow at Søstrene Grene. Dark blue hairclip that goes great with all my blue dresses. I haven’t taken yet a magical photo with it, but there is still time.

Christmas trees at night

I had a lot of beautiful evening walks with Theo and on my own, enjoying fairy lights on little branches. We also had a beautiful weekend trip to the mountains at the beginning of December, where we enjoyed nature, trees, snow and a fireplace in a wooden hut. It was one of our best decision this month to go there spontaneously.

I guess there a few things I can catch up on this year from my inspiration mood Christmas mood board. And a few that will be on my December to-do list next year (candy canes and gingerbread house on the top of that list).

All of the pictures come from We Heart It.

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