4th of December – Our little Winter Hunt

4 grudnia 2019

The first weekend in December was approaching and I felt that it is time to move and go somewhere for the weekend. So we packed into our boot two small suitcases, two bags with grocery shopping, one rucksack, the pram and we went for two nights in a mountain hut. When we arrived it was decently cold outside and inside, but the fire not only created a magical atmosphere but also thankfully warmed us up. In the very late morning, we got up and checked where is the closest mountain to us, that we could still go up and enjoy some snowy mountains view. 36 minutes from us was Niederhorn in Beatenberg. So this time we packed us, the pram and the rucksack and decided to catch the sun. That is a problem a little bit if you want to go to the mountains to get some rest and enjoy them at the same time in the winter. If you get up late you really have to chase the sun then. But we managed and already on our way there the views were amazing. We were also very lucky with the weather because already on Sunday it was gloomy, rainy and foggy. The train to the top of Niederhorn was super comfortable, we could just drive in it with Theo in the pram and that never really happens. When we arrived there we had a nice, simple lunch (usually what you get up these mountains there are french fries, chicken nuggets, fried fish and well basically things that are fried) and then the sun was slowly going down. I think up there it was -7 degrees Celsius, so we didn’t only experience some snow, but also really wintery temperatures. Theo had his first walk on snow and his first fall on ice, but he really enjoyed our little trip. It was quite amazing to go back at 17.30 in the darkness. It felt like 10.00 pm. We came back to our hut and enjoyed a peaceful and cosy evening. We had some pasta, watched the Crown and cuddled in front of the fireplace. When all the Christmassy madness starts it is good to get away just for a little bit. To the mountains or to the countryside. Enjoy the real fire and each other. We loved it so much, that we plan to repeat it very soon.

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