7th of December – Not what, but how to buy presents

7 grudnia 2019

It is the time of the year when bloggers share with us Christmas gift guides and as much as they are pretty to look at I don’t really think it is the best way to choose presents for your friends and family. I am not even sure if we should buy anything if we are not a hundred percent sure that it is what they need, want or will use. A lot of people will say, but the thought is what counts. Then if so bake them some biscuits or muffins, but don’t give them a decorative plate that won’t match their tableware and they won’t know what to do with it.

Christmas time is challenging, because in a very short time, sometimes in one evening we give presents to many people. There is family, friends and sometimes even colleagues we like. There are financial limits and always not enough time to think about the gifts, to buy them and wrap them. I thought about a few ways how to really make others happy and not have a Christmas meltdown.

1. Do a little research

Buying presents is like a project. You don’t have to have all the presents already in November to really succeed. But the beginning of December is definitely a good time to write to people who know people. It works great with family members. This year I wrote to my brother if he thinks, that his wife would like the present I thought about and if she will use it. Separately I wrote to her to be sure about some details concerning a gift for my brother. I also talked with them which toy would make their girls the happiest and what would work for them. Does take away the magic? I don’t really think so. The interested people have no idea what they are about to get, but still, I can be sure that these things, are something they really might like.

2. It doesn’t have to be a thing

We all know these people, who when asked, always answer that they have everything and they don’t need anything. Trying to make them happy with socks, gloves or random books won’t really solve the problem. They will thank you, but will they wear gloves or read the book? Probably not. If you are not sure which thing would make someone happy give them a chance to experience something or a voucher for a nice service like a massage or a nice dinner. But even with this one, you have to do your research. My brother with his wife have not used the voucher for the family photoshoot since last Christmas, hence this year no vouchers for them anymore ; )

3. Money is not an issue

Sometimes when I have a look at these gift guides I am really surprised how expensive these suggested things are. Of course, you might want to buy something special and spend more money on your beloved one, but probably you are not so rich to afford buying Dyson products for the whole family. Presents don’t have to be big and splendid. It is more important to give something thoughtful. I am sure you will come up with something.

4. Buying presents requires empathy

Before buying a gift try to think about these people. How was their life going lately? What were they enjoying and what was causing them troubles. Maybe something that they were using every day got broken or used and they would be really happy with a replacement. Think about the conversations you had, the colours of their house, even the jokes they made. Everything counts. The more effort you put into getting to know the people you want to give a present the more chances you have that you will really and truly make them happy with your Christmas gift.

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