9th of December – Evening city walk

9 grudnia 2019

I didn’t know that this walk might almost kill me, but it was still nice. I really would hope to write these words not in my bed with a fully stuck nose and an enormous headache, but hello life. Sometimes we get sick. On Saturday my husband generously gave me an evening off, so I decided to take my camera and go for a walk in the city. I started with a little stop on my way. Just near our bus stop, there is a church and a graveyard and they have there one of the biggest decorated trees in our town. It was very quiet and peaceful there. And a little bit spooky too, so I took the bus and went to the city. I really don’t know what was I imagining. I planned to do a beautiful photoshoot of our Zurich Christmas Market, but with the number of people on a Saturday night I had to give up and I managed to look up at the Christmas tree and to spot this cute lantern between people’s legs. Then I grabbed a hot chocolate at Starbucks and decided to walk around the city a little bit more and a little bit further from the Christmas market. Usually, a very busy shopping street was not so crowded, probably because all the people were drinking mulled wine at the Christmas markets. I didn’t plan to shop, but I had my little stop at ZARA, just to realize that nothing has changed last few months and they have absolutely wonderful collections for kids, very decent collection for men and completely not understandable for me collection for women. I seriously envy all the petite women who can fit in the kids clothing lines. I spotted a cute winter hat with a scarf, might go back for it, but three floors of clothes for women and I didn’t even like a single hair accessory. Maybe I just don’t get the newest trends, but luckily following trends is not what makes you classy or fashionable, so I guess I can live without shopping at ZARA.

I really enjoyed that wandering on my own in the city. Without a certain purpose or need to talk to anyone. Although a Korean exchange student stopped me for a short interview, about our Christmas traditions. Which I didn’t mind because it is my favourite time of the year (the worst time to be sick, unfortunately). It was after 8 pm when I realised that I was supposed to buy some food for Sunday because we planned to have a nice lunch with my parents in law. They have a really small, but nice grocery shop at the main station in Zurich – ShopVilleMärt, where they have a good selection of fresh products. And while shopping there I started to feel kind of weird. When I arrived home I knew this won’t go away overnight. So here I am trying to remember the best from my walk and not being too sad that I can’t bake, go outside or basically do anything that is more complicated than lying in the bed. I have to be well soon! Wish me luck : )

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