Because it was on the way – Dresden

22 maja 2019


I have to admit something. I am not a travel blogger whatsoever. The whole point of my posts is just to share my stories and thoughts. I can’t even name properly all the building I have seen or tell you which historical site is the most worth seeing. I just don’t do that, even for myself. I am more like Hey, this place looks nice. Let’s stop and have a glass of wine here or just take a little walk. I enjoy being in new cities and simply getting to know the atmosphere. I don’t feel sad if I don’t make it to a certain place and take photos there. I just enjoy being. And somehow usually it is enough to also be in the right places.

It was our second trip from Switzerland to Poland by car. And we found Dresden as a perfect stop in between. Because we also like the process of travelling itself. Sitting in the car and driving long hours while talking about everything and nothing or listening to music. We enjoy the stops on the way. The short ones just for food and the long ones, like the stop in Dresden. Where we sleep and try to have a walk in a new place. We had a whole Sunday in Dresden so naturally, we made it to a service in Frauenkirche. It was the second Sunday in Easter time, so the music and the homily were very uplifting and joyful. As always we were also super lucky to be there on Sunday that has English liturgy. Usually, it is the third one in the month, but because the third Sunday was Easter, they moved it to the next one. Lucky us.

We stayed again at Motel One, directly to the Zwinger Palace, where we had a small photoshoot with a little bit of sun that was kind enough for us to shine for an hour, exactly when we were there. What is cool in Dresden, is the fact that the Old Town is quite small and walkable, so from the Zwinger Palace, we also made it to Semperoper and a few other historical buildings. I really liked it, but there was one thing I couldn’t get over. Almost all these beautiful palaces and churches are black and dirty. If you look at the pictures, wouldn’t it be nice if all of them would look like Frauenkirche?

For sure it wasn’t our last trip to Poland by car, so there will be more stops in Dresden. This city is absolutely peaceful and quiet. Life is slow and people are kind. It has a really chilled atmosphere. So we are looking forward to our next visit there.


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