Easter Lagom

22 kwietnia 2019

This year for Easter we decided not to go to any of our parents and just stay at home. We live in a place in the world that visiting any of them is an adventure and includes a lot of travelling. We are on a finishing line with our preparation to a big family event coming up and the best what we could have done was staying at home. On Holy Saturday we went for a small shopping trip to Konstanz and we came back very late in the night, so when Easter Sunday came we had a feeling it is going to be very chilled. In the morning we attended a beautiful service in our church and later at home, our little one fell asleep tired of travelling and all the attractions and we had a wonderful Easter breakfast. Just me and my husband. It was our first holiday at home and I insisted on buying at least a set of two new plates to make it more festive. I fell in love with white ones with bunnies on them, but they didn‘t make it to our cupboard, because we wouldn‘t be able to wash them in a dishwasher. For us, that was a no go. And then late in the evening in a grocery supermarket, we found these blue and white plates with little flowers on them. So here we go with two plates and two bowls. On the table, there was some ham, bread, cheese, tomatoes and of course eggs. We bought just enough. It was simple and tasty and nothing got wasted. Later in the afternoon, I baked a quick cake. A brownie that you can prepare the dough in a blender with some yoghurt and strawberries. One dessert, that we will have for a few more days. We were resting and talking on the balcony. We had beautiful, family time. With no stress, not too much food. There was enough of everything, especially our love to make this Easter special.

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