Family trip to Ireland

7 października 2019

Last days of August we spent in Northern Ireland visiting my husband’s family. I should be doing something completely else at the moment like packing myself and Theo for our tomorrow flight to Poland, where we are going to visit my family. But I have been trying to post these photos from Ireland for a couple of weeks already and it is now or never. I can feel it. So here I am sitting still in my pyjama while Theo is playing with Lego Duplo and I want to take you for a little trip.

When were planing going to Belfast I really wanted to see something more and explore a little bit. Very often when you go to see your family you end up spending time with them at the same places as always. So this time we went for a whole week and planned a few things just for us. Some time ago I have seen fans of Game of Thrones visiting the Giant’s Causeway. Apparently they shot a lot of scenes there. I am not a fan myself. I haven’t even watched one episode. It is much too brutal for me. But when I saw the pictures from that place I really wanted to see it. And it was absolutely worth it. The green hills, dramatic sky and stones shaped like steps for giants. It all looked stunning. I read somewhere that people are divided into two groups when it comes to travelling. The first group travels to see the cities and explore the culture. The second group wants to see the beautiful nature around the world. And that’s definitely us. The Giant’s Causeway is really beautiful and if you are a fan or not of the series it is worth visiting.

To have some time and place to rest we stayed at Ballylagan Organic Farm, where it was very peaceful and quiet. On the ground floor, they have a family room, so we could easily drive in there with the pram and the room was big enough that after staying there for a week we didn’t feel claustrophobic. Very comfortable and cosy. We had there the best breakfast ever while travelling. Very simple. Different types of bread to choose from and organic eggs from their farm done the way you like the most. And to top that delicious breakfast they serve the milkiest and delicate chocolate milk I ever had outside our house. For the first time, we stayed somewhere and felt like home.

Another amazing experience beside the place where the giants used to live was out first time on a drive-in beach. In Portstewart, you can drive on the beach in your car. It is quite cool. And although I knew it was allowed there and other people were doing it too it felt really weird. Like you are doing something, that you shouldn’t. You also have to be very careful about how you drive and with which car. Just a few meters away from us a couple got totally stucked in the sand and thay had to be pulled out with a tractor. When we arrived Theo was asleep, so we could let him sleep in the car and we would walk nearby. When he woke up we had some fun together in the sand. I really like the cold ocean and time at the beach even when it is not really summer weather. It gives you a certain feeling of peace.

Another beautiful location near Belfast is located at Helen’s Bay. You can walk along the beach for kilometres. There are old mensions and beautiful forests on the way. We were there quite late in the evening when the atmosphere was even more magical. This place has exactly the vibes, where you would expect the Harry Potter scene happening. Beautiful, a little bit gloomy and definitely picturesque.

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