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Guess who is back?

5 kwietnia 2019

And the answer is… Spring! Well I guess it is back, although it played a little trick on us yesterday, giving us snow and 2 degrees. But I am more like awww… snow! When everybody else is going more like what is wrong with this weather? I like winter a lot, so when the spring comes I am more like already? It literally always surprises me with all these trees blossoming in white and pink and with leaves so green, that even the kids’ paints don’t have such a bold shade.  I could be this bear cuddled in the blankets, sleeping and drinking hot chocolate, so after we have changed our clocks into summertime (well, most of our devices did it themselves) I was quite surprised with myself, how energetic I became. I get up early quite rested and happy. Motivated to do things and go places. I guess this why guess who is back? Me!

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