Harry Potter Generation

27 września 2019

It all started in 1997. I was nine years old and already quite a bookworm. I would read tons of books, so Harry Potter wasn’t the one that made me read, but definitely was the book that made my childhood and teenage years special and it truly was one of the things that made me who I am. Three years ago when I worked as a nanny  I found Harry Potter’s wand while organising kids’ toys. And I got really excited. Like that girl twenty years ago reading the new J.K.Rowling’s book under her duvet with a torch, because she wasn’t allowed to read at night before school. Who gets me?

The day before yesterday we started our annual autumn ritual and we watched the first film from the series. The moment you hear first notes composed by John Williams feels like being covered in a warm blanket. You are a kid again and this story brings you into a safe world, where friendships are strong, common rooms are cosy and chocolate frogs can jump out of the train window.  The main magic about these books is how they make you feel. They feel good. When we were watching again Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone where Hermione is showing Ron how to swish and flick his wand and properly pronounce the Wingardium Leviosa spell it made us smile. When you were raised on Harry Potter you are really not surprised when someone is trying to open the door with saying Alohomora. And I guess some of us still believe it might work.

What was so relatable for us in Harry Potter was the fact, that in a first book when it was published in 1997 he is eleven years old. I was nine and some of us were older, some might have been a little bit younger, but we are the generation that grew up with Harry. We were the only ones that would await new books and films while they were produced. J.K.Rowling gave us some real magic to wait for our whole childhood. And that’s what made it so special for us. With every new book, the characters would have similar problems and challenges to us, maybe disregard defeating Voldermort. For example in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire for the first time, there is the topic of boys and girls going out together, dating and the problem who to invite for the Yule Ball. I read the polish edition right away when it was published in September 2001. Which means the school year had just started and I was 13 years old and at this age, you slowly start to have boys problems. Adulting with Harry continues when we read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, where he is already a parent like some of us are as well. And this is pretty amazing.

I would love to go to London for a couple of days and visit Warner Bros Studio and their Harry Potter experience. See the sets, costumes and feel the vibes of magic. I think, that the phenomenon of this story is strongly joined with our generation. We, thirty-years olds are the true fan club. We grew up with Harry, that’s why his story will always be for us so comforting like all our good childhood memories.

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