How to live a happy life

21 września 2019

Yesterday, there was one thought, that was bumping a whole day in my head. If I could choose any profession in the world, who would I be? Although I like to travel I wouldn’t like to make it my main occupation. I like the routine of daily life. I like the fact, that holidays, are the reason to travel and I don’t have to do all the time. If I would have worked harder at school I could have become a paediatrician. I really admire the doctors, who can help children get better and most of them have also a great attitude that makes it easier for the little patients to hang on there while they are sick. I have what it takes to make kids happy, so I became a kindergarten and primary school teacher. And although soon it will be a year and a half, that I am not working I remember that working with kids always made me happy. I also would love to be a singer, so far my husband and my son are my best audience, but maybe even this year, a small part of this dream will become true. Another dream job, that I have thought of was being an owner of a bakery, that looks cosy and magical, with a corner for mums who come with kids, retro music playing in the speakers and the best cake in the whole town. And then one more idea came to my head.

I would love to be a life coach.

But not the one, that will tell you that you can do anything you will think of. Not the one that will tell you, that you can be rich, successful and popular and all of this in the next five years. No. I would love to help people to live a happy life in the life that they have. Helping with small improvements, that are really achievable and most of all helping to change the attitude. Because the key to happiness is not what we can change, but how we can change our attitude to the things that we have or even to these parts of our lives that we can’t really make any different.

And I thought about 5 things that we can all do to clear our heads when we feel that everything is too much and we are caught in a reel of life without and good plan to escape.

1. From time to time do something completely different

A few days ago I went with my friend to the Light Museum in Zurich. It was kind of an artistic installation. There were screens and beamers everywhere and they projected pictures of two Swiss painters on every surface. The art of Ferdinand Hodler and Paul Klee was displayed on every wall and floor and it was animated and synchronised with classical music. It was really interesting and it inspired me to buy paints and create something myself. I felt like there were at least a few new neuro connections built in my brain. I came back home really mentally refreshed.

2. Be in nature

Life can easily become too much. It doesn’t matter if you are a mum staying at home or you work at a corporate job. We all tend to spend too much time on our phones and computers and then we also need to shop for the necessities. And all these lights and products and other people. It can really take a lot out of us. It really helps to clear your head if you go for a walk, for a swim or maybe ride a bike. Swimming outside might be getting difficult at the moment (hello Autumn), but this simple walk might be already a big help.

3. Get your me-time

If you think having a nice bath with candles is only reserved for successful vloggers recording their evening routine you are wrong! It is there for all of us (who have bathtubs). Me-time is essential for remaining sane. You can’t be there for everyone all the time. It can be this bath, the walk, going for a massage or even simply getting rid of everyone in the house and just being on your own at home. You can’t make good decisions. Even more! You can’t know what is it that you really want or need if you are not able to hear your own thoughts. So plan this exclusive time just for yourself.

4. Be honest with others

People are often frustrated that others don’t understand them, or give them too many tasks or in general that others don’t get them. It is like the mystery of a good relationship. There is only one key to how to have it and it is called communication. If you want to be understood you need to tell people how you feel about things, what makes you happy, sad or what is too much for you. You don’t have to reveal all the deepest fears to your coworker, but if you won’t tell them that this thing, that he or she is doing is distressing you, they won’t guess. Being politely honest with others can really make your life easier.

5. Do something nice for the other one

What makes us really caught in bad emotions is being selfish. If we only focus on how we feel and what our problems are, we keep seeing the world just from one, very subjective perspective. Then our feelings can grow into an enormous and overwhelming size. It helps to change that way of looking and trying to be there for others. Look around and I am sure there is someone you can talk to, give a smile or be a helping hand.

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