I have seen the end of the world!

8 września 2019

Long-time ago people believed that there was the end of the World. They believed that where the sun sets is darkness and only monsters live there. And that‘s exactly where we went to in Portugal. Well, not to the monsters, but to a place that for a long time for Portuguese was considered as the end of the world. Cape Saint Vincent in Sagres is a ferocious place. The cliffs are high and not forgiving. If you don‘t want to see what‘s on the other side of this world, better stay at a safe distance from the edge. The wind was the strongest, I have ever experienced. It could push the pram itself and move a smaller person. It was hitting strongly our bodies like it wanted to test us if we were going to get blown away. There was something mystical about that place. An abandoned, empty, white church standing there as the only shelter (before they built the tourist centre I guess). This open space that you can experience while watching the ocean from these cliffs gives you a feeling of respect. Standing there and observing the horizon, I understood why people might have thought that this is it. End of the world. Because watching the ocean from these high cliffs gives you a completely different perspective on the ocean than lying comfortably on a beach. You feel like the king of the world, but you know that your kingdom ends where the sun sets.

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