Little Portuguese Paradise

17 września 2019

After three weeks of travelling and exploring Portugal, we decided to treat ourselves at the end of our honeymoon. From Porto, we went back to Algarve hoping for some summer weather and last holiday vibes. We went to Pine Cliffs Resort and spent there the rest of the money we had after the wedding and all the travels. We basically went broke, but definitely in style. Despite the fact that this hotel is in Albufeira, a city that is considered as one of the most touristy ones,  you don’t feel it because the resort is a different world. We didn’t leave the premise for five days. And in this little paradise on earth, we were really able to relax.

I was really spoiled when we arrived and I found out that my husband ordered flowers for me along with my favourite wine, which we were drinking in Portugal. We took a little walk on the grounds and because our little traveller was quite tired, that night we spent a nice and peaceful evening in our room. We basically slept there, ate, were at the pool or at the ocean. That’s it, but after two days we felt how much we needed it. Recently I talked with my friend how our holiday choices are changing with time. When you are young, you don’t mind hostels, other people making noise or having cheeseburger every day for your meal. And then comes the time, when you will prefer to go maybe for a shorter, but nicer stay. Because more and more things make it difficult for you to relax.

I guess it is not with everyone the same, but we found there our little Portuguese oasis. Starting with a room, that unlike a lot of hotels was mainly white, with a very homey feeling and beautiful green local accents. The little roofs and bridges between different parts of the hotel were creating a magical atmosphere. Everything was like a from a romantic film set. To the beautiful beach, we could take an elevator, which was a big help, but there was still a long wooden deck to the ocean with smaller steps on the way. With Theo and the pram, that would usually be our fitness of the day. But once we reached the beach we completely fell in love with their restaurant there. Maré was a place with the most beautiful view on the ocean, the nicest service and delicious food. Once you are there, you really don’t want to leave.

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