Little Trip to Konstanz

26 kwietnia 2019


I totally forgot how one-day trips can have almost healing powers on you. Easter was coming and we realised that we somehow lost it. This ease and cheerful attitude were gone and usually, we are really good at it. Our list of things to do was only growing and somehow it didn‘t matter how many things we checked off this list, there was just no end to it. Konstanz is just one hour drive from us, and the cool thing is that it is in Germany, so shopping is cheaper, which makes it the most crowded German town at the border with Switzerland, especially on Saturdays. So crowded that on Holy Saturday they closed the inner city and directed all the traffic to the parking, from which they organised a shuttle to the city centre. A thing that one would find a big inconvenience, we found as a great opportunity to take a walk along the river Rhine. The sun was shining and it felt like summer holidays. We had an amazing lunch at Holly‘s and then walked to the city to pick up… my wedding ring! We planned to do much more necessary shopping, but the holiday spirit caught on us and didn‘t want to let go. So we were strolling around and enjoying good food at the lakeshore. We don’t regret a single minute of it, despite the fact that our essential grocery shopping we did half an hour before closing time. But we made it and didn’t end up without any food for Easter. Good for us I guess!

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