Moving on and moving out

14 stycznia 2020

I have realised that in the last 6 years there is always something big happening. It seems, that since I turned 25 my life got really interesting. The new year has just started and it looks like we are not going to slow down anytime soon. In March we will move from Kilchberg (Zurich) to Luzern. Which now slowly starts to make us happy. It wasn’t easy to make that decision, because we really love our place at the moment. Actually the weather is so fantastic today, that I can see a little bit of mountains through my window.

I have been changing apartments in Switzerland quite a bit. In November 2015 I moved in with the family I worked for. It wasn’t easy to be a grown-up woman and live with your employers and your job under one roof. But the things that this led to were definitely worth it. Already in December, I met J. and we started dating which later meant living halftime at his place. I have to admit, that I spent there a lot of time, even when he wasn’t there because I had to escape somewhere. I think only that kept me sane at that time. I managed to survive until the end of the contract and found another job that was supposed to be temporary, but it came with an apartment just for me, so I thought it would be a great idea and in that time I could figure out what I want to do next. But this never happened because I stayed almost a year and a half in that job and left it being almost 9 months pregnant. We were both working, I was very pregnant and we were trying to find an apartment that would be good to start our little family. It wasn’t easy because the property market is very competitive in Zurich. It always seems, that there are not enough affordable living options. But we found one. A beautiful, sunny apartment in an older building, but with a 10-minute walk to the lake view, 25-minute walk to the lake and 15-minute drive by bus to the city centre. It has a peaceful surrounding, but very quickly you can reach the city and do all the shopping you want or watch all the films in English in the cinemas.

We feel really good here. Four months ago J. started his new job in Luzern and the commute and long working hours started to not only take all of his energy, but it also cut down a lot of our time together. In addition, the commute expenses felt like a big waste and it is not a small amount. So we started to look for something, that would be close to J.’s company, not too old and with a good arrangement of the rooms. And we think we have found something. The closest neighbourhood maybe is not as magical as the one we have at the moment, but you are also in 15 minutes at the lake. And the biggest advantage is that we are much closer to the high mountains, which we plan to use as much as possible. So although it wasn’t easy, I think we already said goodbye to our apartment in Kilchberg. Being very thankful for all the memories that we have from here. We started our marriage and family and it was a wonderful time. And now is the time to open a new chapter. And I am slowly looking forward to this.

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