My picks in blue for Blue Monday

20 stycznia 2020

Dark blue is my favourite colour. I can’t go wrong with it and I can’t feel bad while wearing it. It is my go-to colour on a bad and a good day. If I mix it with something it will probably be white or cream. That’s how crazy it can get. If you are feeling blue today shopping probably won’t solve your problems or will make you really happy. But maybe one of the things that I have and love is something you might like too!

GANT sweatshirt

Lately, I have been living in this sweatshirt from Gant. The material and the structure make it look quite elegant while keeping you comfortable as it can get. The sleeves are a little bit long, but for me it okay. I like when they are longer and I can hide my hands in there and stay cosy.

LASCANA swimsuit

This swimsuit combines elegance and comfort. Keeps everything in place while you enjoy swimming. The combination of dark blue and white stripes on the edges gives it a real marine style feeling. I love it. It is the only one that I have at the moment and I am enjoying it a lot.


I was a little bit afraid that I would need to wait a long time to enjoy these beautiful shoes, but with no real winter and truely spring weather I keep wearing them quite often. My absolute favourites lately.


I was looking for a baby bag for the last six months. First I was focused on classical bags, but they were all either too big or too expensive and in general looked bulky and not very handy. Not mentioning the fact of how difficult it is to find things in dark blue. I am not a mum, who packs half of the house when going out so I wanted something that looks nice and is easy to attach to the pram. This rucksack has two stripes with clips with which you can attach it to any buggy. Also when you wear it, it looks very stylish.


Very delicate, but still great form, that helps to keep everything in place. LASCANA has a great choice of sizes. I like the lace decorative motive and the shade of that blue. It is so pretty.


Finally, I ordered two pairs of these trousers. Comfort and elegance again paired together. First I wanted to find a second pair maybe from a different brand. But my husband told me, that if you find a perfect pair why then experiment? He was right. The material has a really soft touch and I wear them all the time.


These are my cosy slippers for slow evenings and mornings and getting up in the middle of the night. I love Ted Baker and I always try to find something I need and love while they have sales, because without any discounts they are pretty pricy. And you don’t find slippers like that in navy blue so often, which is a big joy for me once I manage to do so.


When I was doing some shopping around Black Friday I was very much into sweater dresses. They are really warm and I love this one. I just have to remember to not wear it with my fur, because winter this year is very mild and it is easy to melt.