My three big dreams

24 września 2019

Last few years made me very happy. I found the love of my life, we got married and we have a wonderful son. Every day I am very grateful for where I am, with whom I am lucky to share my life and for what I have. And because I got to the point where all my dreams from 10 years ago came true, it made me think what are my dreams now. And it doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate what I already got, but it is good to have goals in life. Little or maybe bigger things to look forward, to work for, to dream of and about. Dream big!

One day I would love to live at the seaside. 

It wouldn’t need to be a big house with a porch, a garden and a garage. It could be an apartment, but with a view. With a perfect size balcony, that you can lie on the couch and watch the sun going down. The beach would be at a walking distance. That we could go there at any time. After every storm, the air would smell so fresh, that we would open all the windows to fill the rooms with this smell. The seagulls would sometimes annoy us when stealing our bread from the picnic blanket, but the sound of them would make us feel homey. On Saturdays when the weather is good we would rent a boat and go exploring the coast. And all of our friends and family would love to visit us, because of this all year round holiday vibe we would have.

 I would love to sing professionally.

My whole life I was choosing more reasonable and safer options for earning money. The ways that would be stable and provide a salary every month at a certain time. Because of many reasons I chose what seemed to be a more mature decision. I was taking many singing classes from many great teachers, but not pushing the idea, that I could do that for living. At least partially. I always loved to work with kids, I am good at it and it brought me good money. I wouldn’t be where I am now if I would have chosen differently, but now I also have a little bit more freedom and time. I would love to sing more and maybe earn some money with it. Who knows?

I would love to travel to majestic nature places in the world.

I want to see Iceland, New Zealand and go back to Canada. There is nothing more in travelling that appeals to me more than wild and not crowded nature. High mountains, cold lakes and open seas. I crave for quietness and peace. I would love to sit under the blanket with a hot cup of cocoa and just admire the view. No buildings, no lights, just a few people and nature. That’s what I would love.

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