Never saying no to the seaside – One day in Brighton

18 lutego 2020

There are a lot of things happening in our lives at the moment, so a romantic getaway to London was a good idea. But even a better one came across my mind when while landing at Gatwick airport the seaside seemed so so close. I asked J. how far is it and firstly he said probably quite a bit. But then we checked that at the airport and it was only half an hour with a train! It was just around midday, so we had the whole day until we needed to check-in at our hotel in London. We bought some biscuits and cut fruits at Marks and Spencer and took a train to Brighton. And it was the best decision ever, although not everything was going smoothly.

Probably normally our first thought after arrival would be to try to store our suitcases somewhere at the station for these few hours. But I made a classical mistake of wearing while travelling something brand new. I put on my new jeans because they seemed to fit and be comfortable when I tried them at home. It should have caught my attention, that they were way too comfortable, so after walking a bit, they slid down. Like… completely off my legs. I had to stop every 50 meters to do the funny dance and pull them up. Which was maybe quite enjoyable for J., but not so much for me. So my main goal after arrival was to find a place where I could change and to do so I needed my suitcase with other clothes I brought with me. I wanted to do that in one of the hotels on the way. Nothing fancy, quite a cheap chain. And then we thought we will pay them to keep the suitcases for these few hours. But unfortunately, it wasn’t that easy. If you weren’t their customer you couldn’t even use the bathroom, not mentioning leaving the luggage with them. So we walked on with our suitcases. down the main road and in one of the smaller streets we found one of our favourite British shops – Ted Baker. Ted was there for us. One more dance I would lose my patience, so I went to the dressing room to change pretending, of course, to try on a sweater while J. kept occupied the ladies asking them questions about the men collection. It worked. I could finally walk normally. These are the simple pleasures in life, we don’t appreciate enough until they are taken away from us. We were more lucky with a small pizzeria and great food afterwards. But still, suitcases were accompanying us.

While we were walking on a Brighton Pier we were quite an attraction with our suitcases making the sound of a train. I think we might have scared the little boy because we saw his dad explaining him, that these are the suitcases making that loud sound. Well, we really wanted to pay at a few places to get rid of them, but no one would take them. The funfair at the end of the pier looked a little bit spooky on a February afternoon, but there was cool music so we danced in the sunset and headed off to the beach. It was getting darker and I really wanted a few sunset pictures from the beach. The real seaside experience. And I got it. Very real experience. A lot of people walk their dogs after work. And the beach is a beautiful place to do so. I can totally agree with them. What I agree with a little bit less is the fact that my pink suitcase is a perfect peeing spot, but that only proves the fact that life is not only rainbows and sunshine. It is sometimes also a dog peeing on your suitcase. I had another thought about this cool shot when you walk along the water just in the line with the wave and there is a close-up on your shoes… You can guess how this one ended. We also didn’t get that shot, just wet shoes.

But it was all worth it. The smell of the air at the seaside and this peace at the beach in February was like little holidays. We walked 13 kilometres that day and arrived at the hotel totally done, but if we could choose again, we would do exactly the same. Somehow we both felt, that before we would be able to enjoy busy London, this little stop at the sea might be a good idea to start a romantic weekend. And it definitely was.

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