Nothing for granted

16 kwietnia 2019

I have never shared these pictures. I thought they were so touristy. And yesterday immediately they became more valuable. Especially for me. We don’t know how long it will take to rebuild the cathedral in Paris. I don’t know if our son will be able to see Notre Dame as we know it. Despite the fact that it was quite a devasting view to watch when the cathedral was on fire. There were a few things that made me very thankful.

First of all, I had a chance to be in Paris and visit this beautiful church at least three times in my life. It is majestic and thanks to the amazing job that the firefighters did most of it has been rescued. The other important thing is that nobody got hurt, it was just an accident. So far there are no indications, that someone did that on purpose. It looked like war, but it wasn’t. And I can’t express myself well enough how blessed we are when we acknowledge that we leave in very peaceful times for Europe.

My other thought was how grateful I am that my husband has a boring office job. He is not a firefighter, a policeman or an ambulance driver. The only thing I have to worry is if he won’t miss the train and be home late. I don’t have to worry that he might lose his life or get seriously injured every other day. That is a real reason to be thankful.

And finally while observing social media this one sentence was repeated We shouldn’t take anything for granted. We get used to good health, beautiful places in the world and nice things in life. But the truth is it can be taken away from us at any time.  We thought Notre Dame will stand for another 800 years without any damage. But it didn’t. So what we can do is instead of weeping about a beautiful building getting burnt, let’s try to be more thankful for what we have.

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