• Places

    Little Trip to Konstanz

      I totally forgot how one-day trips can have almost healing powers on you. Easter was coming and we realised that we somehow lost it. This ease and cheerful attitude were gone and usually,…

    26 kwietnia 2019
  • Diary

    Easter Lagom

    This year for Easter we decided not to go to any of our parents and just stay at home. We live in a place in the world that visiting any of them is an…

    22 kwietnia 2019
  • Places

    Nothing for granted

    I have never shared these pictures. I thought they were so touristy. And yesterday immediately they became more valuable. Especially for me. We don’t know how long it will take to rebuild the cathedral…

    16 kwietnia 2019
  • Inspiration

    Glitter, confetti and unicorns

    photo Usually, I don‘t watch films during the week. Just an episode of favourite series to chill and then straight to bed. But this time when I saw the trailer of Unicorn Store I…

    12 kwietnia 2019
  • Miejsca

    Postcard from Warsaw

      Sometimes it is good to go away from your daily life. Even from ones that you love the most. Not for long. Just for a small break. It gives you the right attitude…

    9 kwietnia 2019
  • Myśli różne

    Guess who is back?

    And the answer is… Spring! Well I guess it is back, although it played a little trick on us yesterday, giving us snow and 2 degrees. But I am more like awww… snow! When…

    5 kwietnia 2019
  • Miejsca

    Canada Road Trip

    CALGARY 5-9.07.2017 We arrived in the evening on Wednesday. We had a dinner and went to our first location to get some sleep. Five days before we left to Canada I went full blonde…

    5 sierpnia 2017
  • Miejsca

    Spacer do mojego jeziora – Hiking to my own lake

    Jezioro Louise to jedno z tych miejsc, które pomimo faktu, że są jednymi z najbardziej popularnych atrakcji turstycznych to jednak pozostają absolutnie magiczne. Można to miejsce w sposób prosty i bezwysiłkowy odhaczyć podjeżdżając busikiem…

    24 lipca 2017
  • Miejsca

    Cedrowy raj – Cedar paradise

    Tam gdzie kończy się Park Narodowy Glacier tam czeka na nas jeszcze jeden zupełnie inny świat. Pierwsze skojarzenie? Jurassic Park. Kiedy Krzysztof Kolumb płynął aby odkryć Nowy Świat, większość z tych drzew była w formie…

    15 lipca 2017