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    We had a tendency to arrive late at every destination in Portugal. Before we would pack and leave the previous place and then maybe stop on the way, it would be always long after…

    6 września 2019
  • Places

    Portuguese Athens – City of Évora

    When we were doing our research before going on our Portuguese holidays, we have seen many beautiful photos from the Algarve region, many vibrant photos from Porto and a lot of stunning beaches. What…

    4 września 2019
  • Diary

    September Plans

    After busy and beautiful summer with lots of travels, meetings and attractions it is time to sit down and decide what to do before Christmas comes and the only thing that will matter is…

    2 września 2019
  • Places

    Because it was on the way – Dresden

      I have to admit something. I am not a travel blogger whatsoever. The whole point of my posts is just to share my stories and thoughts. I can’t even name properly all the…

    22 maja 2019
  • Places

    Enchanted City Barcelona

    I will start with big words. Barcelona was the first European city, that really impressed me. It was never on my bucket list of places to see. I knew there was pretty Barcelona and…

    17 maja 2019
  • Places

    Little Trip to Konstanz

      I totally forgot how one-day trips can have almost healing powers on you. Easter was coming and we realised that we somehow lost it. This ease and cheerful attitude were gone and usually,…

    26 kwietnia 2019
  • Diary

    Easter Lagom

    This year for Easter we decided not to go to any of our parents and just stay at home. We live in a place in the world that visiting any of them is an…

    22 kwietnia 2019
  • Places

    Nothing for granted

    I have never shared these pictures. I thought they were so touristy. And yesterday immediately they became more valuable. Especially for me. We don’t know how long it will take to rebuild the cathedral…

    16 kwietnia 2019
  • Inspiration

    Glitter, confetti and unicorns

    photo Usually, I don‘t watch films during the week. Just an episode of favourite series to chill and then straight to bed. But this time when I saw the trailer of Unicorn Store I…

    12 kwietnia 2019
  • Miejsca

    Postcard from Warsaw

      Sometimes it is good to go away from your daily life. Even from ones that you love the most. Not for long. Just for a small break. It gives you the right attitude…

    9 kwietnia 2019