Portuguese Athens – City of Évora

4 września 2019

When we were doing our research before going on our Portuguese holidays, we have seen many beautiful photos from the Algarve region, many vibrant photos from Porto and a lot of stunning beaches. What we haven‘t seen on Instagram, but we read about in a traditional guide book is ancient city Évora. It is a charming place with historic vibes everywhere, and because it is not one of the top attractions in Portugal, you don‘t have so many tourists. Little cobblestone streets that were both very pretty and difficult to go through them with a pram, guide you around the town. They go up and down as you would expect in a city built on a hill. The main attraction are ruins of the Roman Temple of Diana ancient Roman goddess of the moon, the hunt, and chastity. It looks very impressive in the sunset light. Another interesting place to see is a chapel fully decorated with human bones. Before we went there, Jonny showed me a photo of a beautiful golden chapel, I didn‘t really see the bones. It looked both great and scary. It is a part of the Royal Church of St. Francis, which is worth visiting, without having a funny feeling in your tummy. The city also has one of the oldest Universities in Portugal and a charming Praça do Giraldo – Évora’s main square, where you can admire the beautiful architecture and enjoy a cup of coffee in one of many restaurants.

But what we loved the most about visiting Évora was the place that we stayed at. Convent Of Espinheiro which is a historic hotel and SPA. It is located outside of the city and surrounded by beautiful fields and nature. The rooms are kept in historic design and even the baby cot was a white, metal bed on wheels like from a film. The staff was very friendly and breakfasts in the old cellar were the highlights of our days. After that, we would go for a swim in the SPA, which has hours that allow you to come with a child and times, that it is adults only. Water would make us hungry so we would have room service for lunch. Which was always delivered end served superbly. And finally, in the late afternoon, we went to explore the city. The hotel is not only beautiful but also very authentic. The church that belonged to the convent is still there, open for the visitors at any time. It is nice to feel the history in the air and at the same time be able to relax with the help of all these things, which a hotel like this can offer you.

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