Postcard from Warsaw

9 kwietnia 2019


Sometimes it is good to go away from your daily life. Even from ones that you love the most. Not for long. Just for a small break. It gives you the right attitude and brings back the best perspective. For a couple of hours you are again the lady of your life. Responsible just for yourself. You can go wherever you want and do whatever you want to do. You have a chance to hear your own voice. Maybe find out what is missing in your life or what is this thing that you are really craving for. Or you will come back with even greater appreciation for your home and family.

Although I enjoyed my walks in Warsaw I was grateful, that I live in a smaller city that is not so crowded and politically involved all the time. During one Sunday afternoon walk I passed three protests. It made me feel tired and triggered my crowd anxiety big times. I missed moments when I could share my random thoughts and emotions with the one that I love. You realise you have chosen well when it strikes you, that there is no other person that would understand you as well as the one you have already decided to spend the rest of your life with. Staying in a nice hotel was fine, but I didn’t sleep as well as in my own bed at home and I even appreciated the fact that on a daily basis I can open the windows in my room. I mean it really makes your life better, no matter how great air conditioning system they have.

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