September Plans

2 września 2019

After busy and beautiful summer with lots of travels, meetings and attractions it is time to sit down and decide what to do before Christmas comes and the only thing that will matter is sweets, hot chocolate, Christmas films and putting fairy lights literary everywhere. I think there are moments in our lives that are always a good reason to start. You can start whenever you want, but the New Year and birthdays, as well as the beginning of September, are an easier starting point. And what helps to stay motivated and productive is to write down what your plans really are. So here are mine.

1. Tidy up the wardrobes and organise clothes.

For me, it is a plan every 2-3 months. The only way to maintain order is to really regularly look through the things you have. The things that are good quality, but not my size (and not my size soon for sure) or the things that I don’t really like anymore I give to family and friends or donate it to Caritas Secondhand Shop, where they will sell it and the money will go for a good cause. Theo’s small clothes I usually divide into three groups. Great quality and love the style – keep it for the next baby. Great quality, but I don’t like it anymore – donate. Really used baby clothes – bye-bye to the bin. After tidying up like this, I am super happy for the next few days, so I am looking forward to this plan.

2. Fill „My First Year” book for Theo

When Theo was born we got a beautiful book, that you can fill with photos and information about your baby. To remember all these beautiful moments, that happened so fast. I am not a super sentimental person and I would be totally fine with a traditional photo album, but I want to do it for Theo. When he grows up maybe it will make him very happy to be able to see all these beautiful moments, read about all his first times and see the first cut hair in a little bag.

3. Swim twice a week

We have already been there, done that. Before the holidays we were really strict with ourselves and we would take turns or take Theo with us. Today it is raining and it got pretty cold from one day to another and going for a little swim will do good all of us.

4. Leave the house every day

You might laugh at this one, but it is quite a reasonable point for me. Sometimes I do so many things at home (cleaning, cooking, taking care of Theo, writing, editing and many more) that the evening comes and my husband too and I realise now it is already time for dinner and bathing and I missed the spot to go out. So leaving the house everyday it is an important one.

5. Write and read more

In the summer we all travel and do so many things, that when it comes to reading it is maybe one light book just to pretend you really plan to read it while laying at the swimming pool. I read two books, or maybe I should say two halves. It is definitely time to read more, especially, that I really love reading. And writing is a plan not only for the blog. I have so many ideas and thoughts in my head that I want to write them down. Some of them will be letters, some of them might become lyrics of a song. Whatever it brings I know it is good to write.

6. Organise my laptop and photos

This will probably take a whole month. I have things in right folders, but there are still many photos, that will never be used or double folders for different purposes or the challenge we all have I assume. These holidays photos not organised at all yet.

7. Wash all the windows and curtains

Having clean windows and curtains gives this general freshness in the whole apartment, which makes you feel better and relaxed. It is similar to putting fresh linen on your bed. Rolling into the washed linen is as good as lying your head on the pillow after a very long day. So definitely worth the effort.

And what are your plans for September?

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