Staying at home with a baby and not going mad

10 września 2019

A year ago I became a mother and I always knew I wanted to stay at home with our kids. So I did. The question I sometimes ask myself and probably some of you too is…


In addition, I didn’t only stay home, but also my home is now in a foreign country so old-time friends and family are not an option to have company. So I ask myself, how does it really work, that I am really happy, although most of the time I am alone with Theo.

1. I really like my husband. Funny? Obvious? I don‘t know, but that is the main reason, why all of this makes sense. He is the best company in life I could have ever dreamed of. I am looking forward to him coming back from work, then we talk, we swim, we walk, we watch Netflix. I have a whole day to miss him, and then be the happiest when he comes back home and we can be together.

2. I am grateful for being flexible. I want to fly to Poland for a couple of days? I book a flight, pack Theo and we can see my family. Did I get totally lost in time when watching a film, reading a book or writing? I can sleep in or have an afternoon nap. I can plan the day however I want and if I feel like it, I can completely change that last minute. Because there are no other places I have to be, beside being with my child.

3. I have hobbies, passions, interests in many things, not connected to motherhood. I sing, write, read, take photos, but also I find happiness and enjoy my daily duties. I love cooking and baking. Usually, after Theo‘s nap, he sits in his chair in the kitchen and plays with his toys and I cook, very often while singing. I also enjoy tiding things up. I like to call it instant therapy. Because if something is dirty or messy and you fix it, it makes you feel that you are capable of changing things into something better and the organised environment helps you feel better. It is domestic magic.

4. From Monday to Friday I am with Theo and I organise myself, but on weekends we meet friends, we travel and we go out. I like this balance. There is entertainment in our lives, but there is also time to have a peaceful routine for Theo and I can have time for myself.

5. I also think, what makes it so enjoyable for me is the fact, that I am an introvert. I like to be by myself. I like peace and quiet. I recharge my batteries by being alone, not talking and just quietly processing the reality.

6. I feel good with spending time with our son and being there for him when he grows so fast and changes so quickly. I don‘t want to miss anything out. His laughter makes the room brighter and I want to fill my heart with that as much as possible. I just love him.

And a little addition to a question, that somebody might ask.

Why don‘t I meet other mums with kids at Theo‘s age?

And the answer is very simple. Just because someone is a mother, doesn‘t mean we will understand each other, we will have the same vibes and interesting topis to talk about. Because even when you become a mother, you are still you and there is so much more to me than my baby.

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